Top Five E-Commerce Marketing Trends for 2020

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Top Five E-commerce Marketing Trends for 2020

2020 isn’t exactly the year we were all looking forward to with the upcoming economic crises caused by a pandemic that had stripped the world of our resources. Still, we make do with the cards we’ve been dealt, and we find ways to make ends meet with the means that offers the most convenience at a time like this – the Internet.

Business and marketing were deeply impacted by the social dynamic at the moment that all business models had to shift their strategies. Meanwhile, some have to let their workforce go, file for bankruptcy, and even come to a close, particularly the brick-and-mortar companies.

Even before the official declaration of a global pandemic, studies show that the eCommerce market by 2019’s end has had their sales reaching the trillions, with steeper online competition, noisier and more dynamic engagement, and rising advertising costs.

Now that we’re midway into the year, this fact can’t get any truer than this. With that, let’s discuss the top eCommerce marketing trends that had taken this year by storm, and how these may help us boost our brands and put our business back on their feet.

1. Increased Engagement as a Marketing Advantage

According to the Washington Post, a good number of iPhone users have been recorded and classified as heavy phone users after reports of their screen time per week had been released, showing how the results have gone through the roof. Although this was deemed as a devastating fact and people had made the conscious effort to limit their phone usage, we can’t deny the fact that one of the most common human tendencies today is reaching out for their phones. This was used by many business strategists to their advantage.

Social media platforms are now bombarded with different campaigns, giveaways, promotions, advocacies, and postings that are targeted to maximize engagements. Shops use this as an indirect tactic to steer people towards their shop because if they don’t have anything else to do, they can always participate in this giveaway and get something for free.

This may not guarantee a sale, but it’s a clever tactic to acquire a following, and when you’ve got enough people looking your way, you can then showcase what you have to offer.

2. Mobile Shopping is Becoming the Norm

While we’re still on the topic of being hooked to our phones, we somehow still can’t deny the fact that doing everything remotely through our phones is not only the most convenient way but might be the only way.

Taking the risk of going outdoors for your errands doesn’t seem so encouraging, especially when you live with children, the elderly, or housemates with respiratory difficulties. Mobile shopping most likely became the best and most viable option, and before long, it became our default.

In addition to that, because we were stuck inside our homes for quite some time, consumers were introduced to apps that could help them with grocery shopping and bills payment. Aside from that, since we stayed indoors for the longest time than we ever had for years, we became more aware of the things that need repair and renovation, and we were more inclined to redecorate.

So, as a business owner, you will need to have your inventories and orders organized, and you can download software applications like to help you manage the processing of purchase orders and save you time and energy.

3. Personalized Shopping for Target Markets

The quarantine period has given us enough time to acquire insight into ourselves, so this became a notable time for cultivating new hobbies and interests. Due to this, people start looking to the internet for communities where likeminded enthusiasts had created forums and discussions.

This is where theme-specific brands become most effective because target markets had come together organically, and you can easily step in and offer them products that can help them improve on their hobbies. This way, there is no need to do manual marketing and networking since all the people in these forums had already pledged to a similar interest, so half of the work is done.

4. Rise of Commuting Commerce

Being confined into our own homes led to the influx of food deliveries, alongside the packages sent by couriers as ordered from online shops. Even public transportation became a hazardous option, so people who need to go to work but don’t have their own cars resort to the services of Uber and Lyft.

Given that, many of those who have lost their jobs turned to the commerce of commuting and offered their services to match the growing demand for safe transport. With just enough safety measures applied, drivers in this industry are earning their keep and were able to make ends meet.

5. Automated Customer Assistance

Another thing that businesses had incorporated into their systems is automated customer assistance where companies don’t need to hire as many frontline workers and endanger them to the hazards of the pandemic by delegating their work to technology. Now that people are once again transitioning back to the normal way of life, some grocery stores require the customers to punch their own groceries and pay to a machine, thus eliminating the need for cashiers.

This also means that people who work on customer service jobs are transferred to tasks where they can offer social and emotional support to people who are going through rough patches during these troubling times.


With all that being said, we did find a way to keep going in ways more than one. Somehow, we all found a way to make use of the situation just by analyzing the market and the economic interrelationships of various communities. We even expanded our networks into a larger environment, bigger than what we had curated before 2020, and we hope that this article has been of help to you too.

If you encountered a strategy here that is applicable to your business, go take it and make the most out of it. There really is no saying where the end of the tunnel is on this episode of our lives, or if this is actually going to be the new normal from now on. Thus, we ought to adapt in ways we are able so we won’t just survive, but also enjoy the best that life still offers.